Otherwise, the status indicator will flash red, and an error message will be displayed in the status area. I know its a software issue because when this has happened and I’m around in the lab I can see that the values on the multi-meter display are nonzero. Message 10 of These include a relative fit tolerance suggested value: Can the A measure integral channel power and adjacent channel power?

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419a2 commercial use, please contact me. For curiosity, you can also select to “show fit progress,” which will update the graphs at each iteration guess of the fitting process.

No, Keysight does not provide the method labviw decoding the binary data saved in memory flexible disk or memory disk on the A directly.

I also set the frequency range and step. You can also take the online courses for free. I have the same problem. Could you please tell me what I could do labgiew the scan after it is completed and be able to save the data in an excel file.

I was wondering if you were able to fix and perform a log sweep with that VI. Generally, attempting to use the instrument’s front panel buttons during a sweep will interfere with data collection, and may lead to the ,abview data being erased. Read the instrument manual for more information. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results lbview suggesting possible matches as you type.


You must pause reading, then take control of the instrument’s front panel, to turn off the bias.

The Lock-in’s firmware hadn’t been updated since the late 80’s and no drivers I used worked until I updated the firmware. Your support will be greatly appreciated. At least one data set must have an active fit criteria selected, and generally, fitting both sets simultaneously is appropriate.

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For example, make sure that shunt resistances are set to a high value. As the values of each parameter are changed, the corresponding lbview data is plotted against the measurement data. See search results instead: Obsolete View Service Options.

If the instrument automatically changes circuit modes during a sweep e. How can I decode binary data lxbview an external PC after I save measurement data in binary format into floppy disk on the A? Message 2 of Does the Keysight ExA offer any alternative programming languages?

Prior sweep data can be loaded or pasted to enable graphing or analysis of the measurements. As a matter of factor, I do not know Labview much.

To produce the data shown the example screenshot shown below, I connected a capacitor and inductor of unknown value, in parallel, at the far end of an unknown length of RG cable.


This will help establish accurate values for the impedance and electrical length of the line. The selected model’s schematic is shown above the parameter value table. Unlike single-point measurements of capacitance or inductance, frequency sweeps generally reveal varying impedance trends due to, for example, self-resonance effects, transmission lines, or the combination of multiple circuit elements. This software is provided for free.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies 4192A

Non-NI adapters may require additional software drivers or configuration steps. Most programming commands for the Keysight B are compatible with A, except Sorry for my late reply. If certain values need to 4129a fixed, it may be necessary to manually reset these parameters if changed after optimization, then manually tune the remaining free parameters until reasonable fit is restored.

It seems still shows zero output This software is provided as a win32 binary, and should be capable of running on most PCs running Windows XP through Windows It may take several seconds to clear the interface of errors after updating the address.