They’re even worse than Acronis!!! So while using cold backup for the partition with the OS system partition makes perfect sense it is generally redundant for all other disks and partitions. Rebooting PC with a CD takes time makes backup more complex and time consuming and adds very little to the plate. I then restarted the system and again received the blue attached screen Sadly, they themselves have not documented it clearly on how to take complete back ups reliably and how to restore. The vidsflt61 device class filter and its variants seems to be the “stickiest” pollutant and also the one that seems most likely to cause problems with device recognition and performance, especially for USB-connected devices. Even if it is, particularly if the disc is initialized as MBR, Acronis should have no problem.

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Beware of Acronis “Leftovers” Issues

In answer to your question, I’ve only got one partition C: And it’s certainly not getting easier as that OS HAL is further developed to handle a rapidly expanding variety of types of storage devices and controllers. Interestingly, I have no trouble mounting any of the images I’ve created with Acronis.

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My apologies to the moderator here if I opened this thread in the wrong place. There ought to be a way to print out the entire BIOS settings, so when having such a discussion, we’d have it all in front of us. TI 12 attempts to address the version management issue version may have as well, but I skipped version due to a nearly unusable interface IMHO. In the mean time maybe someone has a solution,never know!


Thank Devide for Acronis Backup, I was able to restore the system to it’s state before running the cleanup. Thanks for these details – it just reinforces what a shabby product Acronis makes.

Looked ok and tdrpm I discovered the same problem on that laptop too. For example laptops should taken out of dock and USB drive should be connected directly to laptop port without any hubs. All sorts of naughty words forthcoming.

You will be prompted to restart your computer and the change will only take effect after restart. I should have followed my gut and become a fishing guide.

Acronis True Image

Anton, Ran the clean up utility. It is a buggy junk. And Acronis seems to fit that bill. Same is true for your USB drives.

Acronis True Image: Troubleshooting Try&Decide Issues | Knowledge Base

Collect those only by request of Acronis Customer Central representative. I would say this is a major shortcoming. The problem is that the code that sand-boxes the TryAndDecide installation is not properly emulating the reboot that is required by some programs.

Of course, tech filtrr was worthless. It is interesting to note, that 3 people responding on this thread, are using the Samsung Pro SSD.

But Acronis needs to do more usability testing and acrojis testing to reinstate faith in its flagship product. As I may have mentioned, when working inat least on my computers, when I’d filger a Recovery from Windows, after setting recide parameters there, when the machine rebooted obviously out of necessitythe drive would be erased and then where Recovery should pick up, it seemed that it couldn’t find the file, and it would proceed to the “finished” stage, with no drive image installed, and of course you were just left with an unallocated drive!!


Besides, few newcomers, if any, have the faintest notion about the potential disasters that lurk in the mere trial installation of a software product that is promoted on the basis of its marvellous “system protection” benefits.

If you continue to experience issues, I would appreciate if you can contact me with the following reports: Can you confirm that you do in fact have a dynamic disk?? So I installed Win7 from the scratch, but this time I installed Acronis trial to make backups I planned to buy it anyhow and to test it. If you need additional help with our software, please send me a private message through our support forum: Vklume how much faith can you have in letting Windows even back up your files, let alone version management?

Acronis worked on only 1 of those 5 using image made in Windows and restore from recovery disk.