My bad shot is a hook and the squareway helped a little with that but when i did hit a bad shot it would go way left and this happened a lot which is not what i bought it for,if i was having a bad day with the bigdog then i was planning to use the squareway instead. The face is a bit cl osed at address, which I normally don’t like, but the ball flies really far and straight, so I can turn a blind eye to the closed look. I cannot believe how straight I’m hitting those tee shots – and such a good flight. Stock Fujikura shaft launches the ball at a nice medium trajectory. My whole game has been transformed – all down to one club. This three wood is so long and straight the only time I use my driver now is on par-5’s.

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What can I say about a club where the only difference between fri pure strike gilf a miss is about 30 yards. I get great loft with the 7 wood and great distance with both. Expect to see them in the shops early next year. So, I’m not giving it back and recently bought another, just in case I ever break or lose one. I immediately could tell the difference in the FT-1 clubs and recognize the superior quality.

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From day 1 it felt like I’ve been hitting it forever. Callaway going all the way back to its orginal founder eli Callaway is a tremendous company.


I tried to like the Callaway FT-i driver and first hit it in the spring of at a demo day and did not like it at all. My whole game has been transformed – all down fallaway one club. Squareway 3 The club and I have a great relationship, I can generally stay with other golfers that are using a driver.

Callaway FTi Squareway Fairway Wood Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Several of my golfing buddies have tried the clubs and are wanting to purchase them. They have several touring professionals on their staff and one in particular Rocco Mediate uses squuare exact type of 3 wood with a different type of tour shaft in his 3 wood.

Seems just like a marketing gimmick to me. Reviewed by a 2 handicap.

Have all 3 woods and longest hitting c lub i have used takes 5 years off my age in distance. I practiced with one of the FT-1 clubs at an out of town sporting good’s store and fell in love with the club.

Callaway Callaway Squareway FT-i 5-wood Fairway Woods

Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. Never hit the ball as far and straight as I do with this driver. Got my first birdie on par 3 18th hole. Callawag weighting solves off center hits still good distance off the toe of the club face, Club feels well balanced in your hands no heavy head feel.


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I have more cocntrol with tis club and almost as much distance as my driver. I’m a 6-handicap and I would squaare this club to anyone who doesn’t want to have to worry about putting the ball on target every shot The distance is definitely further than the Callaway. Long, penetrating and very solid through impact.

I wanted a real Callaway FT-i 3 wood and bought one on eBay. Found it looked ugly at set up and I didn’t get any sweet strikes with it.

Callaway FT-i Driver Review

Your email address You must enter a valid email address. I was a 22 handicap and squade a medal within two weeks of getting the FT-i. Stuck it 3 feet from the flag. Good job Callaway, I have been using your clubs a long time S2H2 Brooklyn then fitted for graphite at Carlsbad, I play a decent game and can’t imagine changing.

Your name You must enter your name. I use it on yard holes and get about yards, mostly on the fairway. I have tried virtually every 3-wood out there for the longest time and could not find one I liked.