Six audio jacks with automatic jack sensing. While a little smaller than the other nF4 Ultra boards, Chaintech has compensated with a different layout that works very well in most cases. Finally thermal management within the processor has gotten much better. Ask a question and give support. Most nForce4 based motherboards support such CPUs but not all of them do so out-of-the-box. The only real compromise that Chaintech made with the smaller board was placing the pin ATX and the 4-pin 12V between the CPU and rear panel connectors. If you are with the dual core CPU then great!!!

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For a full list of features please consult the Chaintech website. Join the community hereit only takes a minute.

Supports four native SATA2 3. If you are unable to POST, then your options are to either find a friend with a socket CPU ultrra use that to boot yours up, and download a newer bios, then replace yours. I know many have extolled its benefits eye popping graphics using two Ultras, or good graphics using a pair of GTsbut SLI has some issues that need to be sorted out.

This allows Chaintech to place almost all the storage connectors on the right edge of the board where they usually work best. Tuesday, April 19, Yes, my password is: If there is no sticker, then I am afraid the only way to tell will be to pop in your dual core CPU, and if you boot up, vf4/vnf4 know you have vnf4/vnd4. The MCP chip has also moved and is now closer to the processor.


Soon thereafter, we received an active cooling kit for the VNF4-Ultra that was a very easy installation. When selected in the BIOS, the boot screen shows post codes during boot so that you can see exactly what is going on and where problems might be. The board is based on the nVidia nForce4 Ultra chipset and as the name suggests is value oriented.

Socket notches were notorious chaitech being weak and breaking, when that happened, users were often forced to buy a new motherboard as well as a new processor.

I think it’s bios 5 and up support dual core. With the introduction of the Athlon64, AMD has drastically improved the ruggedness of its processors. Most nForce4 based motherboards support such CPUs but not all of them do so out-of-the-box. Chaintech sent an announcement that they had updated the design for active chipset cooling due to high temperatures with the nF34 chipset. For instance, even when users use a heatsink that requires a lot of force, the motherboard does not warp.

Specialized features defend against spyware intrusions and hacker attacks. You can’t beat its value!

During that time we’ve seen quite a few improvements in chipset design and performance from nVidia, they even captured the enthusiast crown from VIA for a short time. It seems I was right in my post above, it should boot and work with a dual core regardless of the bios as long as the bios can support Rev E venice single core cpusbut on only one core which will let the pc work so you can flash the bios to v5.


And that sticker apparently has the BIOS info.

Chaintech VNF4/Ultra Manuals

I believe Phoenix chwintech Award are the same company. Iltra has also implemented a really nice boot screen option. This is a bit pointless in our opinion, since many times hardware problems and conflicts occur which prevent the system from even being able to display images on the monitor.

I have personally used a few of their boards and been very happy, the Chaintech 9CJS immediately comes to mind as a pretty good overclocking board with excellent stability.

CHAINTECH VNF4/Ultra Manuals

Hot-swap capability, allowing disks to be changed without powering down the system. Do you already have an account? Privacy policy and Terms of Use. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Chaintech tells us that current boards should be equipped with active cooling for the chipset.