The principal differences between the two models are as follows: The nearly-flat Free model is perfect if your keyboard surface is already near elbow height. Innovera Mouse Mouse Pads Rests. Keep it steady The keyboard risers are covered with rubber to keep your RollerMouse Classic2 in a firm and steady position. Hi, I’m Kealoha, an American engi-nerd. RollerMouse Classic2 is our original and most basic model.

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This allows you to move the cursor with a light touch, which relaxes your fingers, hands and arms. It is placed at an optimal position to ensure consistent and reliable tracking. The RollerMouse works really well with the more advanced ergonomic keyboards such as the Goldtouch and Kinesis Freestyle. Using the RollerMouse was instantly intuitive for me.

Plug and play Connection: Skip to main content. Integrated and replaceable Material on wrist rest: Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

Rm-pro2-blk RollerMouse Pro2 Mouse Contour Design RMPRO2BLK

The Contour Roller Mouse is a beige wrist rest with an integrated central ‘bar’ pointing device. Bennett Workplace Solutions Ltd.

Both of these settings are adjustable using controls on the mouse itself, without the need for any special software. The RollerMouse is equipped with five buttons which have been programmed with specific functions, just connect it to your computer and start working.


Rm-pro2-blk RollerMouse Pro2 Mouse Contour Design RMPRO2BLK | eBay

Which is a shame, because time spent passively reading on the computer is perfect for giving your mouse hand a rest. An array of buttons out front provides right-click, double-click, scroll, and cpassic. No grip, no force The rubber-coated rollerbar gives you solid and precise cursor control with very little need for force. The action of a RollerMouse is difficult to describe, but easy to do.

As keyboard and mouse specialists sincewe are perfectly placed to meet virtually every keyboard and mouse requirement.

There are two things about the RollerMouse action that users are likely to adjust: For the most part the left hand sits on the desk or chair arm, doing nothing more useful than holding a coffee cup and waiting for something rollermokse type. The rollerbar can also be used to click by pushing down lightly.

Contour RollerMouse Station, Classic

Now I have pain again from using a regular mouse on a 2nd computer so I needed a second Roller Mouse. I did my RollerMouse trial run with my normal Contour mouse still hooked up and ready to go on the right. Two-handing the rollerbar does more than boost the cotour of your other hand; it actually halves the effort of clicking, and also lets you steady the rollerbar rollerjouse one hand while applying pressure with the other. Get in position Keyboard risers are two modular, snap-on mini-platforms that allow you to customize the height and angle of your keyboard.


All the action is solid, and the parts feel well-made. This six- or eight-inch-square area, often defined by a mouse pad, is almost rollermouae found to the immediate right of the keyboard.

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The nearly-flat Free model is perfect if your keyboard surface is already near elbow height. When we type, our right and left hands tend to share the work load more or less evenly.

Or the item simply does not work. To move up and down, the tube is rolled in either direction. The tension of the rollerbar — that is, the amount of force it takes to push the bar down and register a click, without doing it accidentally — and the speed of the pointer.

This central position eliminates tension in hands, arms, shoulders and neck. A lower level makes the pointer easier to control, where a higher level gives you rollermouwe mouse movement for each flick of the hand. In addition to the RollerMouse, the box contains an array of accessory feet for elevating thinner keyboards to match.