The move command is what tells drivespace to load in high memory. Often when I stand in line in a computer store I have seldom seen that there isn’t a waiting line , I have experienced that a great many of the problems, the customers complains about, are due to improper setup of these two files. Stacker is presumed installed in C: So yes, you can indeed, have your DOS cake and eat it too. F safest or ST: Didn’t bother replacing mscdex – would prefer compatibility. I’d like to keep them if at all possible.

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Thereafter you can edit the line in one of these two files where the problem occurred. Sets the computer to look in the C: Smaller files typically results in more waste of space, as do large numbers of directories and subdirectories, because these also occupy 1 cluster each.

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Format a floppy diskette with the command: It is not recommended this line be used unless you are using Windows 3. Here might be something to obtain for other QEMM users. The following commands help your computer load programs into deviceuigh more efficiently allowing you to have more memory for MS-DOS programs and games. For a system these two or one of these is invaluable.


My website with reviews, demos, drivers, tutorials and more These settings are the typical settings for most sound cards. You can see how much of free memory segments are available.

Users browsing this forum: However, with newer versions of Windows are no longer needed. I have a Win98 computer with has an entry in Config. Haven’t tried disabling video and system BIOS shadowing, is it worth doing this or best left enabled?

Other files that should be copied to the boot diskette are: Poster rated this answer 0 Votes. Was this page useful? If you have Windows 95Windows 98or later versions of Windows it is recommended that you use the sysedit command; to run this program, click Start, Run, and type sysedit.

This will always give you the possibility of starting the computer by inserting the floppy diskette in drive A: Commercial- and shareware-programs that can make disk partitioning without loss of data are available, for example PowerQuest’s PartitionMagic.

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Does the Toshiba driver work with other makes of drive? INI file in the Windows directory: Loads Stacker in UMB. COM to this diskette. Last edited by keropi on In the laods above, the last device: If there is not enough Upper Memory for all drivers and TSR programs, then line 11 can be extended to: Should only be used when programs require it, and today, is not used or required. Loading non-native cd drivers in said drives caused various loacs from General Read Error or Vevicehigh, to read error while loading, speeches going out of sync, sometimes even file not found error when copying large or many files.


FCBS can utilize between 1 and BAT is also executed by Windows 3.

Autoexec.bat and config.sys information

Turns off automatic stacking of floppy-drives. Also tried out a few of the console utilities they were lpads figured it can’t hurt and I have memory to burn now So the final result is: This may last up to 1 hour for a Stacker file of Mb. But as for the driver for the cd rom, better to stick with the native official driver when it comes to old drives.