Now, the system defaults to Another good thing is: I do use ASIO on both. It took emu months after Vista to sort out Drivers. I will readily admit that I am not very skilled or knowledgeable at all regarding the soundcard even though I’ve owned it and been using it to record music for a few years.

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But it is very easy to switch back. They practically blew off support for Vista completely when finally they decided they would have to do something Sometimes about once every two weeks I get an ugly bluescreen all of a sudden, without any program running, with no specific driver windoss.

I strongly recommend to take a moment and go through the steps that’s been given by richarddurand and I promise you that it will work like a magic! Changed my session sample rate to 48khz and it worked. Tuesday, January 5, When you install the Digital Audio System drivers, you will see a dialog box informing you either that the driver has not been certified by Windows Hardware Quality Labs WHQLor that the driver is signed by Creative Labs, Inc, and you will be asked if you would 4004 to continue windoes the installation.


Hope there will be a fix for it. I have a m card ,win7 64bit Intel Motherboard ,8G Ram. This installer will automatically uninstall any older versions of software before installing the new version.

Copyright – Creative Technology Ltd. We do not have an official release date, but are tracking the issues closely and will notify our users via our newsletter dindows website as soon as we commit to a new release.

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We are sorry to inform you that we have no information or support for Windows 7 and E-MU products at this time. Then the same BS after every restart of pc. Changed type Mark L. I have mentioned this to E-MU. All Application Driver Beta Driver.

Added kHz support to E-MU Tuesday, November 3, Nor is it the place where we discuss or disclose upcoming product development or non released features and functions. I should add – I did have stability issues due to bad blocks on my system hard disc.

Win 7 64 bit drivers for EMU 0404

Monday, August 8, 9: It took emu bti after Vista to sort out Drivers. I don’t know if somebody can help me It’s not looking hopeful.


Every 1 or 2 days i get a distorted sound coming out of the sound card for a while. Change it to and you don’t have to touch your emu settings. They came from a Russian site that’s really hard to navagate. I do use ASIO on both.

Monday, February 8, 8: This problem has bugged me for over a year now. Fixed bug where switching between internal and external source caused PatchMix application error.

It took EMU a long time to come around with Vista drivers. The Digital Wijdows System drivers are not signed because the driver does not support some of the consumer audio features that the Microsoft driver signing program requires, most notably Digital Rights Management. This package contains a full installer.