Kris Feb 9, at 4: GolfWRX is the world’s largest and best online golf community. I actually started to panic over the future prospects of my hacker golf career. Most ‘slicers’ cut across the ball with the club moving from outside the ball before impact, to inside then ball after impact. Danny Jan 28, at 7: I read every thing before I buy this but its the first time I hear about this 1. He shot 3 under having never seen t… https:

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Is it a push, slice? Over the span of my time swinging this club, however, I have had some funky thoughts about how important pure distance is to me.

If your swing is inconsistent, and if you’re like most golfers it probably is, you might find that today’s equipment adjustment won’t be effective tomorrow.

GolfWRX surrounds consumers throughout the buying, learning and enrichment process from original photographic and video content, to peer to peer advice and camaraderie, to technical how-tos, and more. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Ghoonk opens the thread with his musings, after having used plenty of different blade irons at his local shop, and our members are quick ves join in and offer their vrrs on the subject.


But setting the club to left will help. I never knew how much spin my previous driver was generating until I saw the flight of my ball off of the Nike. That was a joke. Tp will never get a dime of mine but they could give me million to miss cuts. Im a lefty and I just got my 2. What can I do to increase the distance of my drives?

What is the correct golf grip? Anyway, after making the adjustments, I started hitting some legitimate balls. The feel of this club, when hit right, is fantastic.

Michael Jan 28, at TaylorMade M4 Iron Review.

Everything you want to know about the Nike Covert Driver – GolfWRX

B Using the above address – You can try closing the club face grip driver so that club face is in a slight left face position at address if you still produce a left to right ball flight.

I actually started to panic over the future prospects of my hacker golf career. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. C Try putting a golf towel under your left armpit and actually try practice swinging all your clubs in your bag minus the putter the goal is not to drop the towel until after full swing is complete – this will force you to not produce the swing plane that creates the slice.


Who cares whether you hit a 8 iron or 4 iron from as long as its straight. Is Amazon actually giving you the best price?

Face Angle

Start Now at wikibuy. News 3 weeks ago. The only golf swing specifically designed for senior golfers. It’s better for you to understand why your ball flight is a slice.

Keep working on your swing, taking lessons when you can. Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf ot and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. Let me start by saying I love to play new clubs. The 9 Laws of Ball Flight. Where would I place the golf ball for each iron relative to my left and right feet?

That imparts left to right slice spin on the ball. How can I hit my driver solid each time off the tee?

April 3, by Matt Murley.