The drums on this track, which can often sound unnatural and overwhelmingly booming on headphones the boost the lows too much, sound natural here—there’s a pleasant, subtle thump, but nothing like the manufactured thunder you get from a seriously bass-heavy pair. As a result, they tend to pop out or gradually push out of your ears during the duration of your workout. See any errors on this page? In terms of battery life, X3 is good as the charge comes for a minimum of eight hours. A value of 0 indicates no crosstalk, or that the existing crosstalk is not correlated enough to affect the phantom center. They’re a good choice for sports and running. First Name E-Mail Address.

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Updated Mar 22, The editor uses special characters aka. They will easily fit into your pockets. Jabyird trouble deciding between two headphones? The battery life on these models is great just like the first gen model. The gain value is reported relative to our reference level, which is 94dB at a distance of 5cm from the mouth.

The significant portion of their leakage is in the treble range and between 3KHz and 6KHz, which is quite a narrow range. They won’t be the ideal choice for watching videos and gaming s2 the lag will be less noticeable than of the more recent Jaybird X3 or Jaybird Run. This became a widely popular product because of the flexibility and convenience that came with it.


Jaybird X2 Wireless Review –

When the listener doesn’t want people around them in office, recording studio, etc. The 50 Best iPad Games. I’m very happy with them, however they could be a little louder. For example, switching from your phone to your home jaybbird work PC and still have call and media support on both devices.

Jaybird X2

See details for additional description. When a balanced and neutral reference mid performance is desired.

Free Expedited Shipping vquqvzvacvdwbudaffcbvzbwccuuresxxx. A value of 10 indicates a fully open jayybird, and a value of 0 indicates a fully closed headphone.

Jaybird X2 Review & Rating |

If you want to control volume, pause your music or make phone calls without directly interacting with your audio device. Therefore the headphones should not be too cumbersome and deliver a stable and comfortable listening experience. If the environment the microphone is being used in is noisy, a microphone with a good noise handling performance would be needed as well. The Jaybird X2 are above-average in-ear headphones.

See How We Test Headphones. How well-adapted the headphones are, to use while doing sports or strenuous exercise. How open the headphones are, and how open and spacious they sound. Preview Back to editor Format guide —.

How well the microphone is able to separate speech from background noise, so that the transmission would include more voice and less noise. In fact, for an exercise-focused pair, this is a notably accurate-sounding pair of earphones. They have a stable in-ear fit.


The overall amount of environmental noise reduction in dB. X3 and X2 are premium wireless headphones that elevate your listening experiences to new levels.

Ideal for athletes who need a very secure fit for intense training. The amount of sound leakage heard 1 foot away from the user, while the user is listening to a dB SPL signal. In terms of design, X3 is a clear winner because the design is a lot stronger and the earbuds fit extremely well when compared to X2.

When jaubird want to use a wired headphone with your PS4. A negative score means the crosstalk is out of phase with jzybird original signal, resulting in a slightly wider stereo image at the expense of creating a ‘hole’ at the center of the stereo field. A built-in rechargeable battery jqybird up to 8 hours of use, and can be charged with the included micro-USB cable.

Luckily I had text notification and realized my phone was not with me.