My Interpretation It’s possible that mister Busdriver here is talking about God and Heaven, though in a negative way. Again, the “He” is God, and God is being accused of asking too much of Busdriver for admittance into Heaven. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! Flag karmaofgood on July 09, Well played sir Flag javyvaj on October 05, Why not add your own?

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My Interpretation It’s possible that mister Busdriver here is talking about God and Heaven, though in a negative way.

Notice that Busdriver mentions on numerous occasions that he feels he is under constant surveillance: General Comment This song is about his dad dying his dad shot down his dreams of imaginaary it as a rapper all his life and so when he finally made it he lost all connection with his dad who happens to be a super christian the line when he says “kids if you really want to piss off your parents,show interest in the arts” should be self explanatory at this point and also “im just here to hold your hand when you die and show you around imaginary places” is about his mother and his guilt forcing him to spend the last few days with his father,which he spent arguing with him around religion its also noted that his father tried to have him institutionalized when he was 14 when he first took the interest up in busdrivwr when he says”but they needed a villian” in the following line is because his siblings all became teachers and things like that and he seemed to be the only one without security.

General Comment sick song. And when he talks about “informative pamphlets” and people that are “just here to hold your hand when buseriver die” it could be that he is referring to Christians who attempt to convert those in their death beds. Lyrics submitted by Biblatchy. But I’m just here to hold ylrics hand as you die There is not a single person who can do it better No needle skippin in my ecosystem But in the audience may be an evil Christian HMO how I hate him so But they charge me for a halo But I’m on a scavenger hunt for a lavender chunk Of the sky, lygics I’ll replace it with a mud-pie I put dead songs on a silk screen Bbusdriver my shirt it is a killed dream It is known to lead the way to the stairwell To God’s administrative office placees a final farewell.


Regan Farquhar Lyrics Terms of Use. Busdriver – Imaginary Places Lyrics Busdriver. Every person I know is a secret sorta agent ’cause I’m accused of lewd conducts All prove hard to rate the prompts? SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. ppaces

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I don’t know I’m okay Every person I know is a secret service agent Because I’ve been accused of lewd conduct Stole the heart of a prude prom slut And they got the plaaces for my arrest to put me in The loony bin, the funny farm, cause of what I did. I would have probably bought that if you didn’t add the end there. You gotta check out.

Busdriver:Imaginary Places Lyrics

But if you understand why he is speaking down to christianity, then why would it dissapoint you? But I will not apologize for anything that I say My name is Mr. I’m just here to hold your hand when you die Paris and Daddy care, they’ll also be there too I’m just here to hold your hand when you die Unless buxdriver get the?


I don’t know, I’m OK! Buy real estate in an Imaginary Place Add your thoughts 10 Comments. Busdriver This is the producer, Paris We did not embarrass to admit that we were purchasing a bit of our own Imaginary Vy


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He also wouldn’t be talking down to god, he would be talking of the non-existance of god. General Busdrivfr crazy song. No sign of life for as far as I can see Everybody’s just charred meat up in the car seat Eat shit and die to the secret spy Cause I have a funny feeling that I’m being watched hour surveillance Money or power are ailments But I send the medical supplies and the shipping And the handling is way too much, cause I’m from the Afterlife.

Man, Busdriver is pretty fast! General Comment These lyrics aren’t right at all. God or “evil Christians” are “spying” on him, ready to “judge”. I’m just here to hold your hand when you die It’s like I put a cough drop right upon your soft spot Make Martian clothes out of your garden hose Turn into a deadly gas blown through the air duct She’s not in love but I thought that she was She doesn’t love me because I don’t have the right haircut I misunderstood I should fix under the hood But I will not apologize for anything that I’ve said My name is Mr.

General Comment Also, which classic song is he sampling