I normally run at Tried two instruments so far: Last edited by brainwreck; at This is despite the fact that I have attempted to lock the frequency at max. I have tried switching to the “Balanced” power profile, to see whether Windows then dynamically adjusts the frequency, but it doesn’t seem to budge from 1. Sometimes the interface simply wont install

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Send a private message to GregS. Last edited by brainwreck; at I just saw that there is a recent driver update, and I ultrq it a go – 6.

In fact it’s working better than ever with the most recent drivers. I remember getting 5 ms measured latency for this kind of project on XP with high performance mode on. Some people report that they cant even use FW interfaces with new laptops coming with JMicron Chipset.

If I could get XP drivers for this box, I sure would be doing it. I meant to use asio4all to aggregate devices.

Those topics have been discussed fro yearas. BTW, my name is Dave, but most people call me I’ll try the workaround with the new update of Reaper Quote:. With the new driver, I got major dropouts and crackling at the same buffer size, with a reported latency of ultrz 26 ms.


Send a private message to chucky5p. Fast Track Ultra and Windows 10 Problem. Ulhra all posts by albee I have a Presunus Firebox Firewire running on the ‘famour dreaded’ ricoh chipset.

ASIO drivers for the Fast Track USB interface?

I don’t have any experience with using a cardbus to firewire card, so I’ll take the word of those who have tried it. Fast Track Ultra and Windows I’m pretty sure that the new driver has some new bugs, but hey, they reskinned the control panel gui. I just asked it it ould work ok, considering that the 2 interfaces would be the same it should not be out of sinc problems Regards, Danny.

For anyone coming across this thread, I recommend staying with the old 6. Several possible issues here 1-an old and somewhat under-powered computer 2-Windows 10 is yet to be approved with any version of Pro Tools 3-Has Ssio released a Windows 10 driver for that interface? User Control Panel Log out.

I think you misunderstood me. The reason why I would insist on doing this is because there are only 2 or 3 USB 2. That would also give you a monitor path between the two because it can also do stereo audio.


Fast Track Ultra on Windows 8 x All times are GMT That works because asio4all ‘wraps’ WDM drivers. That means that is you configure asio4all with multiple audio cards, then if you select asio4all in your DAW, it will see just one asio driver.

Multiple Fast Track Ultra 8R Via ASIO4ALL

I just downloaded the manual and it doesn’t look like the M-Audio has any support for more then one unit. You might contact them and see if there is a plan for that.

Glad you got it sorted. That problem has gone now. I see what you mean. Send a private message to albee Just in case it’s relevant, I notice that in asiio M-Audio control panel, when I click the “Setup” button at the top, the pop-up window does not display immediately – it kind of “unfolds” in a gradual and jerky fashion.